Saturday, October 15, 2011

Life update

Much has occurred since I have actually ‘written’:

As on July 15th:
I am officially a Registered Dietitian (RD)!

July 31st:
I am engaged to be married

Mid August:
Got laid off from one of my jobs.

August 30th:
I have a Masters Degree in nutrition.

September 1st:
Moved from Cambridge to Gloucester.

So, I am now officially:  Jamie L Doherty, MS RD LDN -- Unfortunately despite all of those cool letters I finally have after my name, I have not had to opportunity to use any of them.  I have been getting rather depressed lately, namely due to the job search.  I have applied to literally hundreds of jobs, had a few interviews, and gotten a lot of rejection and “thanks, but no thanks” emails.

I am thankful to still have my job at MGH as a diet technician, however, since I have spent the last 6 years getting all of those credentials, I would really LOVE to use them.

Yesterday I was temped to write a long whiny post regarding my woes, however, no one wants to read that- even me! So I will chalk it up to:
·      Woe is me
·      Blah blah blah—the economy.
·      Catch 22- no one hired you without experience but you cannot get experience without being hired… but Wait a minute! What about my years of school, internships and diet technician/ nutrition assistant positions?? Those are not experience??

Anyway… that is my story morning glory.  Hoping to see more of you, dearest blogspot page J

For now, I at least have Leo to keep me company on the couch. 

Jamie and Leo- signing out!

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