Friday, January 3, 2014

Reversed 100 Thing Challenge items 21-75: Clothes

I lumped several giant bags of clothes into "1" item in 1-10 but I have come to terms with the fact that I am not going to be one of those people who own 2 pairs of pants and 2 shirts. In fact I really do not know how those people function in modern American society, how do you wash your clothes?!

For the Year I am cleaning out my closet:

21 + 22. 2: Floral Dress. I LOVE this dress. I am pretty sure it is from Target and I have worn it a lot. I have, however, A. Shrunk it. or B. Gotten too fat. I am going to go with option A preferably but either way, it now barely covers my butt.

23-28. 6 Black T-shirts.

29-31. 3 pairs of sweatpants.

32-36 5 Sweaters. 

 37-39. 3 LBDs
 40. 1 odd dress.

41-42. 2 sweatshirts

43. + 44. 2 Jeweled tone dresses

45- 46. 2 Sun dresses

47-50. 4 Cardigans

51. 1 Ugly Christmas sweater!

52-57. 6 T-shirts

58-59. 2 items of 'work' attire. Button down shirt. I feel like button downs are always a good go to to have in your closet. Whether that is true or not, I am not sure. However, clothes you do not wear are never a good go to. My mom gave me this as a hand me down and like many things I keep carrying it around with me as I move around and it was not been utilized very well.

60-65. 6 fancy tops.

66-75. Socks/and undergarments. Ok I officially got rid of  A LOT of socks, a few pairs of underwear and bras. I finally did a sock purge and got rid of all of the holey- mismatched (in a not cute way) and nubby socks.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Reversed 100 Challenge 11-20. Shoes etc.

Despite not considering myself to be remotely fashionable, I seem to own entirely too many shoes. 

1. These Adidas Flip Flops I bought for my shower shoes going into Freshman year of college. College doesn't seem that long ago but that was 2005. 8 years. I have also super glued and glue-gunned these back together at least 10 times. RIP slip on flippy-floppies. 

2. Black and hot pink stilettos. I like these in theory. They had originally been my sisters. I think I got quite bit of use of them when I was a hostess at Douzo and had to wear all black. Over the last few years, I think I average wearing heels maybe 10 times a year. These suckers have probably moved with me to at least 5 different homes. It is time to bid them adieu, hopefully to someone who will let them strut their stuff more often than I do. Good Will.

3. Can't go wrong with knock off chuck tailors... until you wear away the sole and have grass and dirt stained them to the point of no return. These went to the shoe recycling gods.

 4. Since I do not wear heels, flats are my go to. I really likes these, however, I bought them before I was knowledgeable enough to know that leather stretched. I am normally a size 6.5- 7, I kept trying on these shoes in bigger and bigger sizes and was shocked to find I took an 8 in them. 2 weeks later I discovered I really did not take an 8 and my feet were swimming but I liked them and had paid good money for them so I have kept them for years and occasionally try to wear them (and then curse them for falling off my feet 100 times a day.) So they are off (pre-stretched!) to a better, more well fitting home.

5. Moccasins. Albeit I do not think these were ever fashionable but they were ultra cozy.. until the dreaded Boston winter and wetness. and now they are icky.. stick... Magoo.

6. Boots. As with all knock-off Ugg type boots (noticing a trend?) They tend to last a maximum of 2 years in New England winters. Add in a over-indulgent Halloween party and these puppies were on the last leg.

7-10. Old bags.