Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ghreylin’s 3rd Adoption Day!

3 years ago today, a very important member person (bird) joined our family. 

You can see his introduction post here…This blog has been around as long as Ghreylin (Weird!)
 He has made several appearances throughout his time including at Christmas and New Years.  I adopted him from the Animal Rescue League of Boston and have not regretted the decision! I am happy to report, Mr Ghreylin has found his forever home.

Ironically Jordan and I had just started dating a couple months before, we were not even "official" when I told him I was getting a bird. He said "Ugh, don't get a bird, I will never come over!" - 3 years later, and here we are, one big happy family! Jordan living with Ghreylin, and Ghreylin has even switched over to Ghreylin Garry (It has a nice ring to it I think). 

He still remains to be ‘hand trained,’ I have given up on that and accepted him to be more like a cat. He walks around the house, has his favorite spots, gets mad at you when you try to pet him, but they when he wants to be patted he comes over and rubs against your hand (or foot) until he gets what he wants.

He gets a long very well with his "brother" Leo. They enjoy hanging out together, and Ghreylin often gets brazen and tries to preen Leo as well, which does not go over terribly well. Ghrey has a tendency to be braver than he should, whenever other dogs are present he just walks up to them and hisses like he is super scary standing tall at maybe 12 inches (including his tail) and 2.9 ounces. 

He only flies when he is scared or for lack of other options. Usually when he flies up high on to something he does not know how to get down and squawks until someone helps him down. He does enjoy walking and climbing.

Ghreylin’s favorite activities include: preening his feathers, taking showers or spray baths, chewing on things such as cardboard tubes, fabric, paper, walls and everything he should not chew. He has a strong affinity for fuzzy objects and hanging fabric, namely my bathrobe, a fuzzy green pillow, and a certain towel in the bathroom. Laundry folding gets him very excited. And he still loves surfing the web! (I think he just knows that is where the music comes from and likes when the computer gets warm.) 

Despite my efforts to get him to switch over to the fancy organic bird pellets the vet recommended, he still insists on only eating seeds and the rare table food, namely pasta, popcorn and oatmeal (my birdy loves his carbs!) 

I was discussing my baby with one of the interns and she said how whenever I said his name she kept thinking of the mice on ghrelin! Ha! Thankfully Ghreylin seems to have a good Leptin to ghrelin ratio (assuming that is how birds stomachs work too?)