Monday, October 29, 2012

Prepping for Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has been roaring up the East coast. I actually wound up with a surprise day off today (which I was shocked about since generally working in hospitals = never having days off-- though working in research in one location does help out.)

Since developing a slight obsession with Zombie movies/ and post apocalyptic shows such as The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later, Survivors, Zombieland, and most recently starting to get into Revolution, it has made me a bit of a doomsday-prepper - which I personally consider to be a good thing. I am not a crazy doomsday prepper, as in I still have a life outside of prepping, I just consider it a good idea to keep things on hand for an emergency and to have a plan. So overall, I suppose I am just prepared. Prepping for Zombies and the apocalypse is slightly more entertaining than preparing for a hurricane, earthquake or fire. Nonetheless, there is a lot of overlap in the items needed.

Prior to Sandy starting up, I did some googling of what to have prepared.

  • We moved all movable objects inside or tied them done
  •  Filled our gas tanks with gas.
  • Made extra ice/ put freezer packs in the freezer in case we lose electricity.
  • Made sure to have water and non-perishable food on hand. 
  • Prepped candles/ flashlights/ batteries etc. 

 I also put my "Disaster Preparedness Kit" Out which includes emergency water, food, thermal blankets, poncho, first aid kit, etc. I also added in a handcranked radio/ cellphone charger/ flashlight, some extra storm proof matches, and of course my Doomsday Survival Guide!

 Is it weird that this was actually on my wedding registry?! Thanks to my Aunt for buying me the bag, and my friend Alicia for the Doomsday book and radio/flash light thing!

One of the other recommendations for prepping for a hurricane was to wash all of the dishes/ do laundry and take a shower.. so I did all of those things including washing the bird!

Leo and Ghreylin seem to know the storm is coming and they are all cuddles up and hunkering down for the storm!

It is certainly getting blustery out there!

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