Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hot Core Yoga Take 2!

As promised- I did it again! I reattempted HotCore Yoga after a terrible experience the first time.
It was significantly better! I managed to stay in the room for about the first 80 minutes of the 90 minute class and I actually did all of the poses for that time. The last 10 minutes were kind of a wash but much better than last time. Once we did the camel position I started getting really nauseas.

I think just knowing what to expect was a huge mental saver. Knowing that this WAS in fact close to Bikram yoga and not just a crazy guy in a basement making us do weird breathing really put my mind at ease.

Also just knowing the general progression that

* Each pose would be repeated twice
* A half time would be announced
* The beginning of class was standing and the end was mostly on the mat

All of those things made me push myself a lot harder since I had more of a general sense of hat was to come. I admit, in most exercise type classes I tend to take it easy the first class because you never know what is to come and it sucks giving an all out effort in the first 5 minutes and then not being able to keep up for the rest of the class! At the same time that has bitten me in the butt when the class does not actually become much harder and then ending the class without feeling like I got all that much of a work out.
Do you ever have that problem or do you always push yourself from the get go?

One of my biggest issues with the class was the aftermath- I had to g et up to pee 6 times last night because of all of the water I drank during class!  At least you can't say I didn't hydrate!

I still definetly do not like it as much as most other yoga I have tried because
  • I feel like I am just sweating but not actually getting as much of a workout and a stretch. thus far the teacher mostly just does the poses with us and does not go around and correct form and sometimes I cannot even tell what I am supposed to be doing.
  • If they dod the same thing every time, I can see this getting boring. (though at the same time I see the advantage of always being  able to see how far you come, and get a bit deeper into each pose).
  • I miss inversions!
Again-- all that being said- this was only the second class and after the first class I absolutely hated it, not after the 2nd class I thought it was Ok. We shall see how I feel by class 10! Maybe I will be a convert after all.  
How do you feel about most types of exericse/ yoga, do you know right away if you like it, or does it take a while to develop a love/ addiction to it?

I tried to make Leo do some yoga with me at home, but he wasn't feeling it. 

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