Monday, October 1, 2012

The cold hard facts...

This past year has been laced with some trials and tribulations, along with a lot of good stuff and accomplishments. Unfortunately, I also has been met with a lot of weight gain. I know the reason for some of it, but despite trying to work on it, I seem to keep gaining weight.

I started Crossfit about a month ago, and thus far have only gained weight - of course within the last month I have also gotten married, which entailed a lot of decadent food and drinking on many occasions - So I am in no way blaming the Crossfit for the weight gain. In fact, I am partially doing these tests now and being honest with myself so I can see any changes that occur.

Since I have at my disposal at work a variety of methods to test my body composition, I figured I might has well give it a try. Many are hard to do on myself and I have been too embarassed to ask a coworker for help, but today I did a whole body DEXA on myself with frightful results.... So to double check I did a BIA (bioelectrical impediance) which is generally less accurate- but a good secondary test, so I was pretty upset when they came out similar.

I would really like to continue to lie to myself... but I think if i air out my dirty laundry that would be good for me.

Here is the breakdown.

Age: 25
Height: 160.8 cm (5'3.5")
Weight: 59.1 kg (130 pounds)
BMI: 22.9    
BMI Classification: normal weight
Body fat % per DEXA: 36.4%
Body fat % by BIA: 35.4%
Body fat classification: Obese
Broadest waist: 97.6 cm
iliac: 85.0 cm
umbilicus: 86.0 cm
Smallest: 78.5 cm
Waist to hip ratio: 0.87
Waist to hip ratio analysis: at increased risk for heart disease and other comorbities

As a frame of reference, the last time I did my body fat results was about 4 years ago when I started at this position and I was around 23% body fat, and weighted about 115-118 pounds.

I am not trying to say at 130 pounds I am obese, I do not really like to think about weight like that, it is more about what my body can do and how I feel about it. Unfortunately, I presently do not feel very strong, in shape or capable.

I am not going to set a weight loss goal, but it will be my goal to decrease my % body fat and be able to do more. 

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