Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Case for Brown Bagging

I was recently contacted by Allison at about a graphic she was working on about the benefits of brown bagging lunch. Apparently she saw my post on "Healthy Eating on a Budget"  and thought it would be up my alley!

I do love a good infograph- and anything to do with food!
Brown Bagging Infographic

I did comment to Allison that I feel like the information provided must have been nation wide- because I know the cost of food in Massachusetts is much higher than this!

Either way - planning and bringing food from home is pretty much guaranteed to save money, and often times calories!

I did do a presentation on healthy lunches at Harvard Business School though and was definitely shot down by them regarding bringing a lunch because business Lunches are so in grained in their culture. In those cases, making smarter decisions while eating out, or possibly even trying to change the culture a bit could be helpful (I am probably asking too much there.)

What are your thoughts? Do you usually bring your lunch or buy it out?
What is your favorite thing to bring? I usually just do left overs from dinner- But I am always surprised how much I love sandwiches when I do make them!

(I will admit I am excited for a staff lunch from Anna's Taqueria or the Upper Crust this Friday!)

Happy lunch packing :)


  1. Hey Jamie, do you mind if I share this on my blog? I love this infographic, although I do agree with you that food is way more expensive in Boston!

  2. Of course!! If you click on the "graphic" link it gives you an option to embed it in your blog. I am all for supporting brown bagging-- (or better yet using a reusable bag to bring your lunch in- sorry environmental plug :P)