Friday, October 5, 2012

Wednesday's WOD

For our strength we did bench presses, I managed 55 pounds in sets of 3. I also unintentionally discovered that my one rep max (1-RM) for the bench press is about  70 pounds when I got it stuck on my chest after one lift (thank god for spotters!)

The WOD was not  AS bad as I thought it was going to be. I managed to get through 6 rounds of 400 meter runs and maximum pull-ups. Of  course, that is partially related to my inability to do pull-ups. I did get 51 pull ups total (with a medium black band).

I am planning on heading into Crossfit today for another exciting WOD of
WOD: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Deadlift 225/185
Ring Dip

* Every Minute on the minute the athlete must stop what they are doing (Deads or Dips) and complete 2 Burpees. The workout will start with 2 Burpees.

Deadlifts, and ring dips… ok… the burpees will kill me though!

Yesterday I was planning on trying out Lindsay’s #LiveLeanEatGreen challenge of as many burpees as possible in one minute, but my doctor who always cancels on me, called and canceled my appointment for the end of the month.
(Note: my doctor is actually super awesome, its just her schedule that sucks, and she never even knows that her receptionists have rescheduled my appointments 20 times… its probably not their fault either… I blame the system, but at any rate- it sucks!)
Anyway- I got kind of sassy with them on the phone since this was the 5th time they rescheduled this appointment, that I was supposed to go to in June, so they magically found a spot for me that day so I went in yesterday. 
Unfortunately I needed a biopsy while there and felt crappy afterwards so – in conclusion – I skipped the burpee challenge. I will have to reschedule with myself. 

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