Saturday, October 20, 2012

Good Bye Crossfit

Friday was my last day at Crossfit with my livingsocial deal. It was an awesome 7 weeks, and one of the best Groupon/ Livingsocial like deals I have ever bought. I really hope to be able to join a Crossfit type of gym again soon, but right now it is unfortunately not in the cards. 

I hope to keep up with my work outs, though I will not have the coaching or equipment, and most importantly, I will not have the motivation of other fitness focused people around me.

Since I knew this day was coming, I decided on Thursday to try to make Jordan work out with me in a WOD fashion. I set up this workout:  

3 rounds of: 
60 second plank
40 squats
30 butterfly sit ups 
1000 meter run. 
For time. 

Jordan was agreeable to joining me, but it was not the same as being at crossfit. He gave up after the first round and complained the whole time. I had to be the motivator. It was still better than doing it alone, but not ideal. Hoping we can both get better at making the most of our at home workouts. 

Friday's WOD at Ironspider was

Strength: Pull Up 5x2^  -- I still cannot do pull ups on my own, so I got up to 2 pull ups with a thin red band (2nd to least amount of assistance). 

Skill: Hip Flexor Mobility and Flexibility

WOD: 12 Minute AMRAP
7 Burpees
21 Double Unders (or double under attempts).
7 Handstand Push Ups (I modified, I did ~ half handstand pushups and used 3-10# plates as a marker of how far to go down)
21 Double Unders (I suck at double unders, so I pretty much did 63 single jump ropes)

Mobility: Stretch and Roll lower legs

I just made it through 5 rounds in 12 minutes! Great workout. 

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