Friday, October 12, 2012

Sleepy Squats

 I have been sleeping terribly lately and have not quite figured out what the issue is. Some possible problems I have hypothesized have been:

  •  New Bed?: We did get a new bed – it is an Olympic Queen versus a regular Queen, but the mattress is much harder than what I have been used to so I thought that might be part of the issue, but it has been a month with the new bed. I did change the comforter to our old comforter which was down and fluffy versus the thin hard one we had originally on the new bed.

  • Wet Head? I have reverted back to showering at night. I normally shower at night, but over the summer I tried showering in the morning which was working out well, until the mornings became frigid again and trying to deal with being that wet and cold is just not tolerable. Plus, with evening workouts it is just gross to go to bed without showering. I have thick hair so it takes forever to dry. I have been blow drying it but once I lay down I inevitably find a wet spot and lay on it all night and get cold. So I have been working on drying my hair even better. Thus far, it has mildly improved me sleep.

  • Timing of eating?: Since working out after work, I usually do not get home until at least 8 pm. I then usually shower immediately (in order to get the hair drying process going) and by then I usually eat a bit of dinner. Since I am not eating until 8:30 pm, and I like to try to go to bed by 9 pm… its not a great scenario. So I decided to try eating before going to the gym yesterday. BAD idea. I had half a sandwich one hour before Crossfit, and felt like I was going to throw up the whole time. So, maybe just tiny meals before and after OR skipping dinner (which I do not think I will be able to do.)

  • Peeing: Tuesday nights issue obviously was having to get up and pee a million times. Not really sure the solution there other than not drinking as much water at yoga, but alas, that may lead to passing out.

  • I already try to use my bed only for sleeping, not over sleeping, and trying to relax before bed etc. which leads me to the final issue: 
    Loud Husband: Jordan always complains that I am “only home for half an hour a day” since I usually get home at 8 and try to go to bed by 9 pm. (Which, hey honey, that’s an hour!) So the time I am home, he likes to tell me about everything. Which is all well and good, but he has trouble with volume control. There is no difference between when he is talking at a loud party to a group of people than just talking to me in bed while I am trying to go to sleep. We (read: I) have been trying to work on “bed time” voices, but it has not been working very well thus far.
the loud husband (Jordan) on a recent hike
In conclusion, I will continue to play around with factors involved in my sleep and see how it goes. Any suggestions on ways to improve sleep?

On the plus side, Leo does not seem to be losing any sleep over the matter!

On another note:

Wednesdays WOD this week was just mean. MEAN!

100 front squats. With 3 burpees between every time you drop the bar.
That was it.

100 squats… that would be tough.
100 back squats – that would be tougher.
100 front squats- UGH!

It is the most awkward hand grip ever. I feel like I did not been get a leg/ butt workout – it was just wrist torture. I was doing like sets of 2 squats because I couldn’t keep my wrist in that position. In conclusion, I did A LOT of burpees!

awkward front squat hand position

I honestly stopped counting at some point (I am a really bad counter—I tend to get up to 10 and start over). I stopped after 20 minutes of squatting and burpee-ing which was about 2 minutes after everyone else finished.

I felt a bit like a failure since I didn’t know if I actually completed the workout. My wrists are killing me today, whereas my legs feel fine… which indicates my form was not very good. . Gives me something to improve upon anyway- Front squat position!

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