Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ugh! Domain… and healthy competition.

I have been trying to get on board and be all cool with my own domain. I wanted to be all like “surprise- yay! No longer at blogspot!” But it turns out I am not as computer savvy as I would like to pretend.

I bought a domain name and now have NO idea how to use it… So while I usually spend my time writing my super exciting blog posts- I have been trying to figure out how to convert my domain. ::Sigh:: so that is my excuse for my lack of fantastic content lately.

Anyways…. Someday.

On another note… I have become moderately obsessed with my mapmyrun numbers. I don’t even really run! And to any runner, my mileage is laughable, but for the past 3 weeks my weekly mileage has steadily increased and I feel like I have to keep up the trend!

This past Sunday was a VERY welcomed day of rest, physically. It was not even officially a rest day in my opinion because I had to work at Newton Wellesley this weekend and we were a “Code Orange” aka- busting through capacity! So we were busy. I was running around giving nutrition education to anyone I could get my hands on! It was 8.5 hours of nutrition-goodness to the brim! (They are very strict about hours there so I couldn’t stay late to make it less compact.) By the time I got home it was couch time.. I honestly do not even remember what I did when I went home. There may have been laundry involved. I know the night ended like a usual Sunday night, watching the Walking Dead.

BUT the point of that paragraph was that I did not map any walking/ running since I had only been running around the hospital and failed to do much moving once I got home. Consequently, Sunday started my week with a big fat 0 mileage. Now, in order to break my record from last week, I will need to walk/ run at least 6 miles a day.

Unfortunately, so far this week, if I choose to go for a jog to keep up my mileage, I have not been doing an additional work out, hence not getting in my workouts for the week! Whats a lady to do? I can't have it all!

Hows your week progressing so far? How do you deal with conflicting goals?

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