Thursday, October 18, 2012

Weekly WODs

One of the hard parts about fitting these workouts in is then having the time to write about them! So I am a bit behind!
Monday’s WOD included:

Strength: Thruster 5x3^  I think my max was 65 pounds.

5 sets of (3 Minutes of work/1 Minute of rest)
200-meter run
20 double-unders
15 wall ball shots, 20#/14# (I used a 12# medicine ball instead)
10 V-Ups

I made it through 4.75 of rounds (aka I did 4 complete rounds, but ran out of time to finish the last 10 V-Ups. The wall balls killed me… I actually smacked myself in the face/ mouth with the ball at one point and tasted it. It was disgusting.

Wednesday’s WOD:
Skill: Power Clean/ Squat Clean

WOD #1
5x5 Power Clean^
My max was 65#

5x3 Squat Clean^
My max was 45# (supposedly you are supposed to be able to lift more for this one than for the power cleans, but it involves my nemesis, the front squat.)

5x1 Dead Lift^
My max was 135#! I was pretty happy with myself there. I can at least dead lift my own weight!

WOD #2

Run 800m (No clock, but bring a med-ball)
I brought a 12# medicine ball... can I tell you how awkward it is to run carrying a medicine ball?!
In other exciting news and accomplishments – I FINALLY climbed the stupid rope at the gym! That was one of the skills we were supposed to do in the introduction course- but I missed that class due to getting married. Consequently, I have never been able to do it. Mandy, one of the coaches cheer-leaded me through it when I told her it was my goal to do it by the end of the week.

that's Coach Mandy doing the Rope Climb!
In sad news, this is my last week of my livingsocial/ amazondeal for the crossfit gym :( I have LOVED it and wish I could continue, but unfortunately the cost is just too much for me right now. I tried to convince them that they needed a dietitian and workout a nutritionist for crossfit deal, but I haven’t heard anything since out initial conversation so I guess it is a no go.

I have been looking at various WODs to do at home, it is just the issue of staying motivated and actually working out when I get home! I will be looking in to other gyms options, but $200 a month isn’t going to work out.

How do you stay motivated? Or do you require the group atmosphere to workout?

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