Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hot Core Yoga

Check out the gorgeous sunrise I caught yesterday! I see two dogs chasing each other in the clouds...

Yesterday I tried out Hot yoga for the first time. It was not officially “Bikram” but from my friend that does Bikram, the poses and series seemed similar – and it was definitely HOT! I have done yoga at several places, and have done styles including: vinyasa, power, ananda, anusara, forrest, hatha, ashtanga, and pilates fusions. I am no yoga expert, but I would consider myself at least semi-knowledgeable about the general practices.

I have been wanting to try Bikram/ Hot yoga for a while, but I know I generally do not deal very well with extreme heat/ I have been known to pass out, so I kept putting off trying it.

There was recently a Livingsocial/ Amazon Deal for “Hotcore” in Beverly, which is where I take the train from, so I figured I would give it a try.

My initial thoughts: It was awful!  (I told the teacher so at the end and everything when he asked me how I liked it...)

• My own fault/ the train running late’s fault – I made it just in time- so I did not get to talk to the teacher before hand/ sign in/ sign any kind of a waiver or emergency contact info, so I was really afraid I would pass out without anyone knowing who I was or what to do with me!

• The place was in the basement of some house, and the teacher seemed a bit bizarre. He was in a speedo and the beginning of class involved a lot of swaying.

• The beginning of class also involved some very weird breathing exercise, but upon discussion with my friend who does Bikram- this is normal. There are even videos on youtube!

• There were no clocks in the room – which I pretty typical for a yoga studio in my experience, but since it was my first class and I had no idea what to expect the class felt like it was forever and I thought I was going to die.

• I never knew I could sweat so much (which is what everyone I know who tries it says). I did not try nearly as hard as I usually do in a yoga class- and a lot of the poses I normally can do, I could not do because I was just trying to not pass out or throw up.

All that being said—I am definitely planning on going again. Now that I have heard that a lot of what I thought was “weird” is typical, makes me feel a lot better. Also, everyone else in the class seemed pretty normal and did not appear to be dying, so that makes me think that I too will be able to adapt. I look forward to giving you the update on how I progress!

Closing thoughts: Can’t wait to try it again and go in with a bit more of an idea of what to expect and drink WAY more water before hand.

What I am not looking forward to is tonight’s Crossfit WOD:

Strength: Bench Press 5x3 @ 80%

WOD: "Nicole"
20 Minute AMRAP (As many reps as possible)
400m Run
Max Pull Ups

I HATE running and I HATE pull ups… (Ok.. I actually go through phases with running, sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it… but with pull ups?! Geez Louise!)

As an update: I have not drank alcohol for the past 2 days (I sound a bit like an alcoholic, but I am proud) and I turned down delicious looking cookies and cake the past 2 days a work. I have also been pretty good about only eating when hungry and trying to not over indulge.

As for my activity goals: I think I have been getting about 4 miles a day in. I use for tracking walking outside, but it doesn’t work inside, so I have been trying to get more walks in outside.

I have not felt comfortable taking pictures/ I am not sure I am allowed to take pictures at Crossfit or Yoga- so in lieu of that, here are some updates on the babies:

Ghreylin has a new love affair with a green towel in the bathroom. He can often be found sneaking into the bathroom and dancing underneath said towel.

 While he is not woo-ing the towel, he is generally keeping out of trouble. He was up bright and early with me this morning just hanging out.

Leo, on the other hand, remains to not be a morning dog. He got out of bed with me and then quickly snuggled in between the pillows and blankets on the couch.

And with that- I bid you adieu!

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