Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up 10/14 - 10/20

 Review of Octobers goals: 

  • No alcoholic beverages during the weekdays = Not so successful, but not terrible. Sunday I went out with my mother in law and some of her friends and had a glass of wine. Tuesday was Supper club and had two glasses of wine. Thursday I had 2 Shipyard Pumpkin beer with Jordan and Friday was a couple of glasses of wine with Jordan with dinner... so yea, definitely failed at drinking on day a week, but I did not really go in excess any days so I am ok-ish with it. 

  • Eat more mindfully: better than last week! 
    • I did a pretty good job eating the small, frequent meals. 
    • I have been eating breakfast- or at least drinking smoothies, which seems to be a good start to the day. 
    • Candy has still be an issue... Halloween candy is everywhere and I love candy... but I have not bought any so I only have a little treat every now and again. 
  • Working out at least 4 days a week:
    • Yep- I kicked this weeks butt! I worked out 6 days this week, some days more than once. I will tell you though, I am so sore. 

  • Walking at least 4 miles. 
    • This gets fuzzy... but I think I accomplished this. Again, I wasn't mapping everything, and I hadn't been counting what I ran during WODs which was sometimes 2 or so miles. Its also a lot harder on the days I work at Newton Wellesley, since I walk around the hospital a lot, but I drive to and from work and do minimal walking outside. I decided to order a fitbit one- and excited to see how much I actually move throughout the day - not just outside! I also hope it helps with my sleep issues. It doesn't come out until next week - but excited to give it a try! Hopefully it is worth it. 

    Unrelated, but Leo looks evil in this picture... 

    And a sweety 

    And cute... 

    So, on to a new week! 

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