Sunday, June 21, 2009

Vitamin E

So here is my recap of yesterday: its not nearly as interesting without the pictures....

1000 iu vitamin d
8 am
1 cup nonfat plain yogurt
1 medium apple
3/4 medium mango
2 fo low fat milk
1/2 cup raisin bran
1 cup high fiber trader joes cereal

20 fo water
2 cups coffee
1 fo low fat milk
2 twin sugars

12 pm
1 cup white spaghetti, no fat no salt added
1/2 cup plain no salt added tomato sauce
1 cup tossed salad (ice berg lettuce, grape tomato, cucumber)
1 packet balsamic vinegar
1/2 packet salt
2 packets Mrs. Dash

2 cup regular black tea (1 bag)
1 fo milk
2 equal
1 cup water

7 grape tomatoes
2 slices multigrain bread
3 oz tuna salad- tuna, onion, celery, broccoli
honey mustard
mayo (full fat)
8 lorna doon cookies

1 cup decaf tea
low fat milk
1 twin sugar

1 calcium supplement (600 mg Ca, 400 iu vitamin D)

5 oz original frozen yogurt
2 tb strawberries
2 tb pineapple
2 tb fruity pebbles
1 tb chocolate sauce

2 glasses red wine charles shaw
3 fo vodka
8 fo light cranberry juice

I didn't do so good in regards to eating more vegetables...
I did analyze my food record for the 19th and 20th (up until the 3 pm food). I did pretty good on getting enough of most nutrients but I am always low on Vitamin E! (Which is sometimes surprising to me considering the sources are some of my favorite foods!)

Vitamin E is one of the fat soluble vitamins and is an antioxidant. It is important for immune function, cellular function, and is said to help protect against heart disease and some types of cancer.

Some good sources of vitamin E include:

Wheat germ oil (1 tb = 100%DV)
sunflower seed and oil
peanuts and peanut butter

One of the main reasons I started drinking Almond Milk instead of soymilk sometimes is that it is 50%DV in 1 cup. My favorite kind if Almond Breeze unsweetened vanilla, only 40 calories in 1 cup! Though it is full fat... I just bought a new kind today thats Organic and low fat, so I will have to review that after I give it a try.
Some people are not the biggest fans of almond milk since it is a lot lower in protein in comparison to soymilk or other alternatives, but I generally get enough protein through other sources so I am not usually terribly worries about that.

For more info check out the fact sheet.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Whats Good, G?

Sometimes I like to be a little ghetto- Its the dirty woo in me.

But the real topic at hand is, yesterday I made myself a new email address, on Gmail. Namely because since I graduated from BU, it doesn't seem appropriate to go on using my school email address. Also, many people at work tend to use G-chat- and not that that is the best use of a government funding, but why should I be the only one to not be doing that?
i haven't actually tried it out yet, but I will be tryng out the various applciations of Gmail etc- so check me out-!

I was also talking to Jessica yesterday and we were discussing our binge eating problems and that writing down what we eat (or in my occasional occurrences photo-blogging!) And she had the idea to make a google document of the foods, since then you can access the document from any computer.

I thought this was a super idea- so I started mine this morning. We'll see how it goes!

Here's my recap from yesterday:

1 vitamin d 1000 iu

1/2 cup yogurt
1/2 peach
1 small apple
1/2 cup raisin bran

1 small danish with apricot? fruit filling and small drizzle frosting
1/2 cup cantaloupe
1/4 cup grapes

2 cups coffee
1 fo milk
2 twin sugars

2 slices wheat bread
4 oz "chik'n"
1 packet dijon mustard
1 packet mayo

1 oatmeal apricot bar

1/2 pound baby carrots
20 grams peanut butter

1 cup peach ginger tea
1 twin sugar

4 cups water

1 medium banana
2 tb cashew butter
2 tb semi sweet chocolate chips
2 tb butterscotch chips

1/2 cup nonfat plain yogurt
1/2 cup low fat vanilla soymilk
1/4 apple
1/4 mango
1/2 cup frosted mini wheats

2 calcium chews

I did pretty good with fruit- but my veggie intake was struggling! I guess I'll have to try to increase that today.
I also ate a lot of dairy etc. I don't know if its just me- but when ever I work out I alwasy get extreme dairy cravings, does this occur to anyone else? I don't know if its cause by some sort of weird electrolyte imbalance due to sweating. No idea.... But at least I'm working on my bone density!

Let me know of any other fun G- features!

and until next time, keep it gangster- Holler!
(as a very white Bostonian - I like to over pronounce my R's so I don't get taken to seriously in my quest to be thuggin haha)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Map My Run

I have again been a horrible blogging slacker!

But without further ado-

Several things have occured: I turned 22, I moved to Cambridge, ... and that might be it?

Tonight is Friday Night, as of course as your standard 22 year old, I had a wild night planned! O wait- thats right- I work at 7 am.
So instead of wild parties- I decided to go for a nice little run.

I ran from central square, down Main Street in Cambridge, over by MGH, over the esplanade to Cambridge Street, and down prospect street.

I went about 5 miles, which for me is quite good. I'm not much of a runner. I have a lot of friends that are crazy runners, one of my old roommates was a marathoner so I became a bit disillusioned to what was actually a good distance to run, since she would be like, "O it was my light day, I only ran 10 miles..." and I would be so proud of myself for finally running 3 miles in a row haha. But We all have our own things. I am generally more of a gym person and like more variety - I love group exercise classes! but alas, my gym membership with BU expired, and now that I've moved its not in the most convenient location for me. I'll probably try out a gym around here eventually but for now I guess i can stick to running.

I like to use the website to plot out routes and see how far I go (also because I have absolutely no sense of direction and would inevitably get horribly lost without any sort of mapping tool.

Its also convenient just for mapping various distances, such as I've mapped how far my general walks are such as when I lived in Allston it was about 0.4 miles from my apartment to the T stop, and it was 0.6 miles from MGH to government center, so I knew on days I worked I generally got in at least 2 miles of walking from my commute, so I didn't feel quite as bad about sitting at my desk in front of a computer for 10 hours straight.

It also lets you save your routes, check out other routes people in the area have saved, look at races in the area, and calculate rough estimates on calories burned etc. Its a pretty nifty site, I suggest ya'll check it out if you have not already.

Do any of you guys use other mapping/ calculating of exercise tools?