Friday, June 19, 2009

Map My Run

I have again been a horrible blogging slacker!

But without further ado-

Several things have occured: I turned 22, I moved to Cambridge, ... and that might be it?

Tonight is Friday Night, as of course as your standard 22 year old, I had a wild night planned! O wait- thats right- I work at 7 am.
So instead of wild parties- I decided to go for a nice little run.

I ran from central square, down Main Street in Cambridge, over by MGH, over the esplanade to Cambridge Street, and down prospect street.

I went about 5 miles, which for me is quite good. I'm not much of a runner. I have a lot of friends that are crazy runners, one of my old roommates was a marathoner so I became a bit disillusioned to what was actually a good distance to run, since she would be like, "O it was my light day, I only ran 10 miles..." and I would be so proud of myself for finally running 3 miles in a row haha. But We all have our own things. I am generally more of a gym person and like more variety - I love group exercise classes! but alas, my gym membership with BU expired, and now that I've moved its not in the most convenient location for me. I'll probably try out a gym around here eventually but for now I guess i can stick to running.

I like to use the website to plot out routes and see how far I go (also because I have absolutely no sense of direction and would inevitably get horribly lost without any sort of mapping tool.

Its also convenient just for mapping various distances, such as I've mapped how far my general walks are such as when I lived in Allston it was about 0.4 miles from my apartment to the T stop, and it was 0.6 miles from MGH to government center, so I knew on days I worked I generally got in at least 2 miles of walking from my commute, so I didn't feel quite as bad about sitting at my desk in front of a computer for 10 hours straight.

It also lets you save your routes, check out other routes people in the area have saved, look at races in the area, and calculate rough estimates on calories burned etc. Its a pretty nifty site, I suggest ya'll check it out if you have not already.

Do any of you guys use other mapping/ calculating of exercise tools?

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  1. 1. How's life on the greener side of the river??
    2. I love its the bestest!!
    and um, fitrec memberships expire as soon as you graduate?? that sucks!! I love running and gyming and group ex-ing!! Have you done Zumba-one of my favorites!! I hate stairmasters and can not touch an erg (rowing machine) after spending Freshman year on the Women's crew team. I also suck at biking-i think because its the opposing muscles I use for running, but i do enjoy a good spin class! You should take at least one class at Life In Synergy downtown-best exercise classes I have ever had and your first one is free!!
    ok, i wrote a book, but i miss you!!