Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho off to work I go!

Yesterday, I actually had to work (7 to 6!). I surprisingly enjoyed my 4 days off despite complaining that I was going to be bored in lonely.

Work started with coffee. A lot of coffee. With skim milk and twin sugar.

Then I had some cantaloupe, pineapple, strawberries, and nonfat plain yogurt. I had let the frozen fruit defrost in the fridge over night with the yogurt so it was all runny and delicious, which sounds kind of gross- but its tasty I swear.

Lunch was a big old salad with mixed greens, frozen green beans, frozen mixed "ranchero" veggies, a tomato, raisins, sunflower seeds, and a packet of kraft light done right!
I love using frozen veggies in salads, one of my old roommates got me into it. It lets you have a much wider array of veggies in your salads since you can keep frozen vegetables for so much longer.

I was re-certified in CPR and the AED yesterday at work, but please, no one crash on me anyway!

After work, I was hungry! Again, I haven't been allowing myself to really go grocery shopping since I am trying to move out- so I decided to go to Subway. I usually do NOT eat out this much!

But I love Subway. I keep forgetting to take pictures....
I had a 6" on honey oat with every veggie except onions. I hate raw onions. Mostly because I have a bit of a tooth brushing compulsion and I can always taste the onion in my mouth for about ten days after I eat them. Ironically, for the condiment, I get the sweet onion sauce.

The rest of the evening will be in the post to come....

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  1. I've been loving frozen edamame in my salads lately. Frozen veggies are the best!!