Monday, May 18, 2009

Keepin' Busy!

Today is off to a fine start.

This past week I had a temp job working at a medical convention, and had my 30 hour weekend at MGH, which meant I had to be up between 4:30 and 6 am every day. Also, I had house guests for three nights in a row, which meant I did not get to bed before midnight anyday. In conclusion: I was sleep deprived.

Last night I went to bed around midnight, and proceeded to wake up at 6:00, since thats been the regular time of waking up. However, I stayed in bed until 11 am. It was grand!

at 11 my phone rang, and it was a woman from St. Elizabeths where I had applied for a job, and I was informed that she was interested in me, so I have to head down there to fill out some paper work before I actually get an interview. I'm not positive that it will actually work out since I have an obnoxious schedule to work around (Mon, Wed not avail til after noon, Never avail Friday, available every other weekend? what the hell...) Plus I can probably get more hours at MGH as of July.
But anyway- in this time of economic hardship- its always nice to potentially have three jobs :)

So, Following my own advise from yesterday, when I finally got up, I compiled my list of things to do.

So the POA (plan of action! I've been trying to get this accronym into popular culture for a while now)
1. Breakfast
2. Send MSDA Meeting Reminder (anyone interested - Wed. May 20th, 6 pm Tufts.)
3. Head to campus- print Resume + Ex Phys stuff
4. Return Library Book
5. Quickie Jobs?
6. Head to St. E's - fill out paper work.
7. BDay Present for Amiga

Time Permitting:
8. Gym
9. Shower
10. Clean room
11. Blog- Because I am trying to take pictures again!

So, I'm getting off to a late start, but I shall hit the ground running. And I'm Off!

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