Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Final MSDA Meeting (of the 2008- 2009 year)

Since I last wrote, oh so long ago, I stopped at CVS and picked up a prescription, as well as a sparkling water and perhaps some candy... (which I may have eaten 6 of...)

then started making my way towards Tufts for the last MSDA meeting of the year. Since I didn't have terribly much to do and the weather was fabulous, I decided to walk. On my voyage, McDonalds was giving out free McCafe Iced Coffees, so I had a sample. It was actually really good. It was very strong, which I am a big fan of. It also probably had cream and sugar in it, which I am not used to which probably made it taste even better haha. Though it tasted pretty light, so it might have just been milk. Now I cannot say there is nothing at McDonalds I would get,... though at Kenmore Square I would probably be more apt to continue walking the 5 extra feet to Dunkin Donuts.
I strolled through the Boston Commons. It was hopping! and there were musicians on almost every corner. I found an empty sun drenched bench and took a seat. I tried reading, but it was so hot, and I preferred to just lie down on the bench and work on my skin cancer.

At the MSDA meeting, it was basically a wrap up meeting, we discussed things that needed to be improved for the year, gave out awards, and of course, ate pizza and salad! I did remember picture taking, but I was embarassed to do it (though I was not to embarassed to take pictures of food in my hand while walking down Comm Ave?) The pizza was from The Upper Crust which has fabulous pizza- We had a very good selection of 6 different pizzas- I tried to take the tiniest pieces of each so I could try as many as possible.

I had one Sun dried tomato and feta cheese, on whole wheat dough
one pepper, mushroom and onion, on whole wheat
and one plain cheese on white, becuase it just looked delicious- and was in front of me.

I found them all delicious. Some people weren't a fan of the crust as it wasa little squishy, and its very thin crust, so if you like the thick doughy crust, you won't get it here. I personally put my salad on top of it (including some salad dressing) so it being squishy is the least of my problems (I kind of disgust a lot of people when I eat. I can't be taken to nice places haha).

I also had one trader joes peanut butter cup.

After the MSDA meeting, I headed to the White Horse Tavern in Allston for Trivia Night with some Nutrition Girls Linday and Kelley, as well as Lindsayd boyfriend Jason, and his cousin and roommate, and Kelley's Roommate! I've never played trivia in a bar before, but I have a ton of useless knowledge so I thought it would be fun... Unfortuneately I know nothing about pop culture, and the fact that I haven't had a TV for the past 4 years, and never watch movies was my downfall. Thankfully, I had a good group. I think Kelley got us every answer regarding TV and movies....

Since I have been drinking far too much this week, I skipped that. Lindsay had ordered a hummus platter, but only ate the hummus and pita bread, so I stole the rest, including some jalapenos and pickled onion (?) I love spice food like Jalapenos since they make me drink water.

I'm heading to the beach tomorrow morning, so I am off to get ready and hit the hay!

happy hump day, to those with regular work week schedules!


  1. 1) i love "free" water! (notice how ever single grocery/convinence store sells their own variety of the no calorie no sodium no sugar 99cent water like drink??)
    2) upper crust is the best-love their thin crust!
    3) have fun at the beaaccchhhh!!!! jealous!

  2. I actually didn't like the McCafe's when I tried them. I got the mocha one, and it was way too milky. I am not a big milk fan. That is ok though, I can't get them anymore. I was thinking of going to Benihana tomorrow, have you ever been there? I hope they have something vegan...I'm sure they do. Lol, I am rambling.