Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blog slacking and Emotional Eating

So, for the past month I have been an incredible Blogging slacker,

It started off with being too busy, with finals and papers etc.

Then came the rejection from all of the dietetic internships I applied to, and alas, I have felt a bit of disconnect from the world of dietetics and nutrition. Deep down I know I still love it, but its hard to keep the same zeal about something when you feel that it doesn’t feel the same way about you.

Today is officially my graduation, I however, am stuck at work. I tried to get the day off, but my boss insisted I must be here. Today I have one patient. Clearly, it was very necessary for me to be here today.

This past weekend has been rather lonely and depressing. Since it is graduation weekend most of my friends have their families here and they are off doing family oriented/ touristy things, such as last night was a Boston Pops performance. Since I did not go to graduation, and the fact that my parents have never come to visit me, I did not do these activities, and since all of my friends were off doing such activities, I caught up on my season finales.

I have also reached the conclusion that I am definitely an emotional eater. Yesterday I worked from 7 am til 7 pm. Since I could not find anything to do for the evening, I decided to walk home from work. I arrived to my abode around 9 pm, to discover my roommate had moved out.
I knew she was leaving, however, I was unsure of the exact date, and in my state of loneliness, this was a sad moment.

I proceeded to eat ½ a pound of peanut butter M&Ms.

One of the reasons I started blogging was to avoid such binge eating- since if I take pictures of things and post them, I would feel much more guilty about this.
I, as aforementioned, have become a blogging slacker.

I need to get back on track.

I love food, and healthy eating. Those M&Ms- not even that tasty- and after ½ a pound, can’t imagine eating and M&M for a very long time,… so I hope to be back in the blogging atmosphere.

And if anyone happens to know of someone looking for a room or two to sublet , holla at me!


  1. ohhhh jamie :(
    can we get dinner soon? please!!!
    i have no doubt that you will get back on track-we all have our share of slip-ups!!!
    have a good week!!!

  2. :(((((
    i'm sorry, Jamie!!!
    i'm sure you will be able to figure things out!!! this is just a hard year/time for a lot of people!!
    remember that you still have friends in the Boston area, & that you're awesome!!!
    and yes, the three of us do need to find a time to meet for lunch/dinner!!