Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How soon we do forget...

So, after one day of picture snapping - forgot yesterday!

But I redeemed myself and found most of the items I ate. For starters, since I slept of Jenny's, Buddy, Jenny and I went to Au Bon Pain in the Prudential Center before she headed to Communist China for Work (aka Douzo where we used to hostess together- thank god I got out!) Since I frequently have to analyze the nutrition facts of ABP foods, I couldn't bear to get one of their delightful breakfast treats. Jenny and Buddy split a cheese danish and each got an oatmeal. The cheese danish is 470 calories! I feel like breakfast is one of the easiest meals to eat healthy for so I couldn't bear to do that to myself. The oatmeal has the potential to be healthy, provided you don't drowned it in brown sugar and light cream, but alas, my frugal side got the better of me and I didn't want to spend 3 dollars on a cup of oatmeal, when I know I could get an enormous economy size canister of oatmeal for less than that. I do approve that they have that option for those who are going to have to eat there regardless.

I just stuck to a hot hazelnut coffee with skim milk and splenda.

I then headed home, and made myself a bowl of fruit and cottage cheese including cantaloupe, frozen pineapple and strawberries from trader joes (the frozen fruit defrosted in the microwave for about 45 seconds.)

And I used about 3/4 a cup of hood low fat peach cottage cheese. I usually get the shaws brand fat free pineapple cottage cheese, but this kind was on sale, and I do enjoy peach for a change. I guess the 1 gram of fat per a serving is acceptable. Its kind of odd that I will eat complete junk food without batting an eye, but when its something like yogurt or cottage cheese that I expect to be healthy I will not tolerate fat or unhealthiness to it.
I then did some more reading (more book reviews to come I am sure!) and crossed the remainder of things off my to do list from yesterday.

I had a couple chocolate caramel cups that my old roommate had abandoned in the apartment. I know I cannot have candy around, so after eating a few I threw the rest out... which may seem wasteful, but I figure its also wasteful to binge eat on them as I know is what would end up happening.

I was starting to feel very dizzy and hungry by about 6 pm. I realized it was probably due to the fact that the only fluids I had consumed in about the past 16 hours were alcohol and coffee... I was probably dehyradrated, as per usual. So I had a bit of water.

I then had a craving for a falafel wrap, and since my refridgerator is currently looking kind of destitute, I thought it would be acceptable to go and get one from The Reef, which has some delicious middle eastern foods (Similar to the Campus Trolley by BU). But alas, its gone! The Reef is no more. Which was terribly disappointing.

I headed to Trader Joes instead to get some food. I made it back to my house by 8 pm, and decided a breakfast feast was in order. I had two trader joes multigrain waffles, 2 morning star veggie sausage patties and some log cabin syrup.

I then recieved a phone call from Jenny again, requesting I escort her to a show in Harvard Square where a friend of her's was playing (Jenny is a Berklee Graduate so she has a lot of musical friends...) So we headed to Tommy Doyle's Irish Pub in Harvard Square. Being Irish, I do love Irish Pubs. Her friend performed and did some singing with acoustic guitar. In between sets of performers they played some good Irish Music in the background.

Despite being at a pub, I still don't like Beer. So I got a cocktail, which was large and reasonably priced. I got the Irish Kiss, which had gingerale, orange juice, peach schnapps, Irish whiskey, lime, and some other jazz in it. It was very good.

Jenny and Buddy each got burgers, which they said were very good, and they were served with some awesome steak fries, which I might have stolen several of.

After the show, I headed home to my empty destitute apartment. I am an incredible light weight, and that one cocktail already made me tipsy, and I took this opportunity of having my roommates basically empty room to jam out to some music and dance around like a fool by myself (hey got to burn off those steak fries right?)

I might have also finished off the night with a little bit of this:

I'm not trying to become a lush or anything.... but that might be whats going on.
I hate being alone this much. I don't know how people can actually live by themselves.

So far today, I slept a bit late after my solo dance party, and then spent the morning cleaning. I just showed my apartment again to a potential subletter. ::fingers crossed::

for breakfast I repeated my dinner from last night of waffles, veggie sausage, and also topped it with some defrosted frozen trader joes strawberries.

In order to make my apartment seem a bit more home-y i've been burning my pumpkin pie scented candle for my potential subletters!

Now that I am done being Miss- Wannabe- Relator, I'm off to enjoy this gorgeous weather and get crack-a- lackin on my To-Do list for today!


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