Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Picture Taking Success!

I accomplished everything on my mandatory To-Do list yesterday!
Nothing on the "Time Permitting List".

I started with a breakfast of champions! No,... not wheatie. Oatmeal of course. I almost forgot to snack a photo, and i had already drowned by oatmeal with excess water as I enjoy doing, but it was delightful.
In the mix was:
1/2 cup dry oats
3 prunes
about 1 tb almond butter
~ 1 tb craisins
10 butterscotch chips

After breakfast I headed to BU, where I printed my resume, etc. Then I stopped at the BU library to return a book. On the way in I passed over this plaque (I guess thats what you would call it).
Rumor is if you step on it you won't graduate on time. I am kind of a punk and look at anything like that as a challenge- So I have made it a point to step on it every time I pass by. And, yes, I graduated on time. Take that superstitition!

I passed through the GSU after the library to get a tissue, and saw loose leafs was open! I can't pass up a crack salad, so I picked one up for later.

I then headed to the Quickie Job office to see if there were any random jobs I could sign up for, but alas, the selection was not good.

I then Headed to St. E's to fill out my paper work. I got there and was informed it all had to be filled out online. Great. Glad I made that trip.

I then headed to the Pru area to do my present shopping. I have a very hard time picking out gifts for this particular friend, she's very artsy and fabulous, but her taste is very specific and she's very picky about odd things. Also, she's moving to Florida this week, so I had to make sure it wasn't anything bulky that would take up unnecessary space in her car. So it took a while.

While out shopping I became hungry and ate my crack salad. It was italian themed week. My mix consisted of:
cheese (no mozzerella balls, very sad :( )
and grapes

I also had a yoplait light pineapple upside down cake yogurt.

While shopping around the Prudential Center/ Newbury Street, for my friends birthday present, Jenny called me to hang out, and since she lives in that area, I planned to just headed over there. However, She needed a nap. So I went to the Boston Public Library and picked out two new books.

After I headed to the Marlborough Manor (Jenny's House). And we made a delicious carb feast of zucchini pizza, pasta and broccoli. Jenny decided she didn't want her broccoli so I wound up eating twice that amount.

Afterwards, we headed to the beehive with Buddy, where her roommate was playing the Sax. I hada diet coke and captain morgan. It was horribly over priced, but good of course. Its rather hard to screw that up. I also tried some of Jenny's Newcastle Nut Beer. I usually hate beer but it was actually pretty good.

It was late and Buddy wouldn't let me walk to the T by myself so I just spent the night with them.

Today, I finally showered. And I filled out that paper work online. Other than that, not to productive just yet.

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  1. That pizza looks so good...maybe I should eat breakfast lol. No more pizza for me anyway...can't eat cheese anymore :(. It will be worth it though!