Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pot Luck and Giant Jenga

This Saturday my sister and her dog, Snuggles the Pomapoo,  came to visit.

Jordan decided that we should ‘show her a good time’ and decided to throw a pot luck.  So we also invited his friend Bruce and John, their dog, James (a lab dachshund), and Jon and Meaghan, and a puppy she adopted for her mom for Christmas, Mondo (A Chihuahua dachshund). Pair that with our dog, and Jordan’s parents dog – and we essentially had a pot luck/ puppy play date.  

During the pot luck, we decided to break out the Giant Jenga I made the other day!

It was quite the hit. People stated “It is much more fun than a regular sized Jenga!” and asked if I was taking Christmas orders.

We played on teams of 2, taking turns to remove the blocks. Since we had so many dogs around we added in the rule that if a team members dog knocked over the tower, that team lost. 

Snuggles mostly just barked at the process.

But Leo got precariously close at times. We all held onto our dogs once the tower started getting really high! 

Ghreylin was pretty happy once all of the other dogs finally left. He is too used to having free reign of the house and not having to worry about dogs trying to eat him, since he and Leo get along quite well on their own. 


  1. giant jenga is GENIUS!!! take it to your wedding and have people write it all over! they have a similar thing at a bar here and it's all graffitied up-looks awesome!

  2. I definitely plan on having it at the wedding- I don't know if People will be able to write on it with the polyurethane -- might need to make another one and not stain it.