Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Treats

One of the dangers of the holidays is the all of the tempting treats that lead to weight gain. My holiday, like most, was full of many temptations.

This year Jessica joined my family and I for Christmas this year. She was sweet enough to make some delicious peppermint bark.

She made a short bread-like cookie dough base, then covered it with chocolate, crushed up peppermint, and drizzled with white chocolate. Perhaps Jess will share the recipe on her blog.

They were a bit dangerously delicious.

Another tantalizing treat came in the form of anise cookies. Every year my family gets fresh Italian cookies from a local Italian bakery, Wholley Cannoli. They are so soft and decadent. One issue I had this year was my recent nut allergy! I had never noticed that the cookies often contained walnuts and almonds in them. They were sneaky little nuts too! I split a few cookies with Jess only to discover nuts hiding inside. It was quite the dilemma.

My sister also shocked the family by baking several treats (she is generally not the 'domestic
one.) She made some funfetti cupcakes, and peanut butter cookies, which I again had to skip, but they looked awfully pretty!

Treats were not only for the human population, my kitty Aliyah has a serious substance abuse problem with cat nip. For christmas I gave her a "boogy mat" that gets filled with cat nip, and she sure found that to be a treat!

Snugs also tried to make a "treat" out of Ghreylin, but that was prevented, thankfully.

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