Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas :)

I just finally published my post on Thanksgiving, and already Christmas is around the corner!

After our absurb amounts of decorating Dan and I did for Halloween, our apartment looked depressingly barren once we took down our spooky decorations, so it wasn't long before we decided we needed to start sprucing things up for the Christmas season.

There are upsides to having a currently-out-of- work roommate, such as coming home to a magically decorated apartment!

We currently have a very lovely tree, some lights in the windows, stockings, and even handmade red and green garland.

I am personally getting in the mood with a nice piece of Trader Joe's Peppermint Bark,
along side a spot of peppermint tea!

The only radio station that comes in at St. E's happens to be the oldies station, which, since the beginning of November has been playing Christmas music, so I am definitely getting into the spirit!


  1. go now and buy yourself some celestial seasonings holiday tea. sipping on sugar cookie sleigh ride right now-amazing!!! or just swing by the apt on your way back from st es for a cup. i'll be here-me and biochem are on an 8 day date. its getting serious.

  2. I love the sugar cookie sleigh ride tea! I had it last year,... I think I may need to invest in another box this year... I have so much tea tho lol. Its like overflowing from a cabinet.

  3. your christmas decor is gorgeous!!

  4. i LOVE peppermint bark! i think i have a problem...

  5. the tree and Christmas decorations look great!!

    and I love anything peppermint! :)