Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Honeymoon: Day 1

This is (as usual) an extremely delayed post. It is dedicated to Jessica as I promised her back in February that I would give her the low down on my honeymoon, and I seem to have kept putting it off. I have verbally told a lot of people about it so I started to lose my zeal about talking about it! So finally not that it is April, I am getting to putting it down in words.

As a precursor, I got married in September but we decided to postpone our honeymoon.
  1. We had no money after the wedding.
  2. It was too hard to take off time from work for the wedding and the honeymoon at the same time/ too stressful to plan both events at once.
  3. Jordan’s cousin Michael was getting married in February in Mexico and we could no afford to take two trips so we lumped them together!
  4. Apparently September is hurricane season in a lot of the areas we wanted to go so it may not have been the best time.

I am very happy with our delayed honeymoon. It was especially nice to get away from the New England winter in February whereas we would not have appreciated the weather as much had we gone in September (though it was gorgeous regardless!)

Jordan and I departed Sunday morning, February 17th and flew out of Logan airport at 6:40 am, with a lay over in Houston Texas.  This was my first time in Texas! Though it was not terribly eventful as it was only an hour or so long lay over.
It was very confusing regarding to time changed because we went back to hours from Boston to Texas, and then went forward one when flying into Mexico for a total of only 1 hour behind, but by the end of the plane rides I had no idea what was going on. My ears popped a lot but overall the flight went well.

We arrived in Cancun Mexico around 2 pm local time. A fellow American at the baggage claim gave the advice to walk fast and don’t stop for anything in the entrance of the airport because everyone would try to sell you something and you would never get out! So we kept on walking, and boy was that good advice because everyone was on us like a fly on honey!

I had arranged for a shuttle from the airport to our hotel so we scrambled through tons of tourists, cabs, and shuttles in order to find the right one. There were a lot of people in blue shirts and khaki pants that we were told to look out for from the shuttle company! Our hotel was ~30 minutes away from the airport.  My father has a time share so for our wedding gift he gave us a week of his time share and he organized our hotel stay which was great. We stayed at the “Grand MayanRivieria Maya” in Playa del Carmen. The resort was great. It was huge and had a lot of character. It also boasted the second largest pool in the world. It also had a beach right on the ocean, but despite nice sand it was also all reefy and dangerous so we did not spend much time there. 

view from the beach
Pool Bar 

Part of the second largest pool in the world

The hotel also had some cool wild life include flamingos, crocidiles, stray cats, tons of lizards and iguanas and even a lemur! 
Baby Crocodile

Our room was excessively large, it was a “suite” and probably more square feet than our house. We had a kitchenette, living room, bathroom and bedroom with a Jacuzzi bathtub in the bedroom. We also had a little patio and a “spa” aka a wading pool. 

Our enormous bed

Our living room
Once we got set up we took a walk around the resort, took some pictures, had dinner by the pool and went to bed early after a long day of traveling.

Jordan strolling along the resort

I insisted on having a Pina Colada the first day even though I was freezing, but it was delicious.

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