Monday, July 1, 2013

30 Day Do You Yoga Challenge Recap

I successfully completed the 30 day Do You Yoga challenge! It was nice to get just a little bit of yoga in everyday. Erin Motz also showed a lot of various poses and movements that I have never done before. There was an entire class dedicated to hands and arms it was pretty fantastic.

There was a great variety in it, some days being very active, and others being completely the opposite. I cannot tell you how much I liked the yoga for better sleep one, never mind the fact that I did it right before going to work!

And now it is July and I need another challenge. I will admit, though I did my 30 days of yoga, they were only 10-20 minutes a piece and I really need to get my butt in gear and do some more intense activity.

  • Volunteer – I completed volunteer orientation at the Cape Ann Animal Shelter.
  • I have now held not one but TWO babies so far this year. I am pretty sure that is an annual record for myself. 
  • I slept in a tent this past weekend and I am going real camping this coming weekend!
  • I have read 2 books so far: “Silent Spring” and “The Devil Catches You and You Fall Down.” Currently accepting new book recommendations. I am still partially reading “The Dioxin Wars”  (I have been on chapter 1 for the past year) and “World War Z.”

  • I have tried several new recipes- more on that to come. 

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