Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Supper Club and Polenta Pizza

Some of my friends and I have form a "Sanity Supper Club" in which we meet once a week/ every other week at someones house and cook meals and have an awesome girls night.

I hosted this weeks dinner: and I made Polenta Pizza and had a salad bar!

This was admittedly the first time I cooked with polenta, so for the sake of not totally screwing it up I used Trader Joe's organic pre-made polenta in a tube.

In my head the plan was to roll out the polenta like dough, but it isn't as roll-able as I thought it would be. Since I wasn't sure how it would turn out I made some individual polenta pizza by cutting the loaf of polenta into circles

Individual polenta circles for individual pizzas

I also tried mashing some up, mostly using the heal of my hand, to press them together, which worked pretty well to create a larger 'crust' 

For the large Polenta Pizza I used: 
Sauteed red onion
portobello onion
fresh roasted red peppers 
Marinara sauce, (Trader Joes) jazzed up with some yellow onion and pizza seasoning
Mozzarella Cheese 
Goat Cheese

For the individual polenta pizzas I made a huge array using various toppings such as:
the ones listed above
fresh tomato
basil leaves
pesto sauce
The Pizza was served with the salad bar including:
baby spinach
red peppers
green peppers
dried cranberries
cage free hard boiled eggs
goat cheese


  1. Looks awesome! Love that you used premade, found it didn't roll and then made the crust anyway! Love it!

  2. Thanks! It worked pretty well/ we picked up pieces with a spatula. All of it was eaten rapidly without any complains haha so thats a good sign I think

  3. yum! i haven't ever tried polenta pizza! sounds like a great idea though. my friends and i do monthly potlucks - and usually weekly wine nights too....for our sanity! :)

  4. I love potlucks! And wine, of course. They are so easy: just bring a dish and done! Nice and low key :)

  5. AHHH how fun!!! I MUST try polenta pizza- ive heard so many good things about it!!