Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Years “resolutions”

I admit – I started writing this post before new years and somehow never finished.

I realize the last time I blogged about “New Years” was the start of 2010! Reading it, I am really happy I wrote that post. It was a great summary of a year as well as my goals for the coming year. Looking back at my post nearest to New Years this year, I realize I was really depressed and remember not wanting to blog because everything I started to write came out negative and whiny. But I think either way it is important to regroup, recap and reinvest myself in life and thinking about what I want.

A look back at 2012
Work Stuff:
  • Started working at Newton Wellesley as a Clinical Inpatient Dietitian
  • Did Maternity leave at Massachusetts General Hospital as a Research Dietitian.
  • Got offered and accepted a permanent job at MGH as a Research dietitian.
  • Got my very own NIH research protocols! (Up to 9 now!)

Personal Stuff:
  • I was a Bridesmaid in my good friend Melissa’s wedding (the first wedding I have been in since I was a flower girl around age 5!) 
  • Melissa got pregnant- making her my first friend close friend MY age to becoming a mom! (I have lots of friends with kids, but they all seem older and it still seemed out of the realm of possibility even though I guess I am getting to be a real live adult now.)
  • Got married myself to one of my best friends.

  • Got a new name!
  • Maintained my optimism for the most part.
  • Made it through most major holidays without my typical self destructive melt downs.
  • Despite being a lot further away from most of my friends – I think I managed to maintain a lot of good friendships- though there is always room for improvement and love seeing everyone!

  • Tried hot yoga (and hated it!)
  • Tried crossfit (and loved it!)
  • Ran my first 5K (Zombie Run for Our Lives) 
  • Did the 10,000 push up challenge (100 push ups every day for 100 days before the wedding.)
  • Did lots of other yoga
  • Started working out with my hubby :) 

Looking back on my 2010 “resolutions”
· Learn how to accept a compliment – I have definitely gotten better at this.
· Work on being healthy, mentally and physically. – Still working on it. While I may have more adipose tissue, and I am not sure about my cholesterol etc, I would say I definitely feel better, and I am treating myself a lot better than I used to.
· Live in the moment, but make decisions that I will be comfortable with and proud of looking back.  – So far so good. If anything I may have found I do better when I plan a bit more!
· Continue to work on financial stability, while paying off undergrad loans.  -  I still feel like I have no money- but I did successfully graduate grad school with no debt, and I only have <$1000 left on my undergrad loans. I do now have a car payment, however, but little by little, chipping away!
· Prioritize. And make sure I am living accordingly. – An ongoing battle!

Goals for 2013:
·         Be happy
·         Be healthy (physically and mentally)
·         Be financially responsible
o       Finish paying off my school loans  
o       Pay off at least 1/3 of my car loan
o       Continue saving for the future/ an emergency
·         Keep learning
o       Listen to NPR or the news at least every work day.
·         Try new things (maybe do 1 new thing a month?? Hmm I will have to think more about this!)

I have taken so many counseling classes that I know my goals should be specific and manageable, but for now, I am going to leave it at that!

What are your thoughts on resolutions and the New Year? 

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