Saturday, June 8, 2013

Do You Yoga Challenge

After my not-so-successful month of a yoga challenge I heard of the “Do you yoga” 30 day yoga challenge which they email you a < 20 minute yoga video a day. So far, so good!  

I love the Erin Motz who is teaching the classes. She is very easy going and encourages people to only go as far as they can, and gives tons of options for people of all levels. Her biography on “Do You Yoga” starts with “I'm a carnivorous, red wine and French cheese-loving,” so basically I decided I liked her after that.

One dilemma I see happening is only doing the 20 minutes and then deciding I do not need to do any longer classes, so I think I will make the agreement with myself I can skip one of the challenge videos and opt for a longer class, and then maybe do a couple days worth on another day? So far this has not worked out and I have only done the 20 minutes or so a day which is not really acceptable for physical activity. 

I really need to crack the whip! 

On a seperate note, Louis made his movie big screen deput in one of Jordan's videos! 

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