Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Yoga challenge week 3

Last week was one of those weeks where life just gets in the way! When I say “rest” what I really meant was doing everything else.

Jordan was really busy with work last week so consequently nothing at home got done unless I did it, so everyday when I came home I had to deal with the “children,” make dinner, go grocery shopping, do laundry/ the dishes and do whatever else needed doing. I know these are all basic things, but it is amazing how little time there seems to be after getting all of that done.

Thank goodness for long weekends!

We had a cookout, and thus company over on Saturday, and given that it was 40 degrees and pouring out, we did not go outside much so I was a bit short of miles.  Sunday was not much better, as it was just as cold and rainy, after a long week. I took a nap, went to see the Great Gatsby and to a French restaurant for dinner with my Mother-in-Law.

Monday was a huge make up day- Jordan, Leo and I checked out Bradley Palmer State Park and did about 5 miles on the trails. Afterwards I spent some time working in the garden, followed by yoga and then Zumba! I apparently had an excessive amount of energy from my previous lazy week. It was also an amazing day out so I just wanted to be outside and doing things all day. 

Yesterday was my birthday, so I treated myself to going to the Dynamic Core Pilates class. It was much needed and much appreciated, though my arms and back are so sore today!  Of course I also celebrated with some wine and cake so I definitely needed the workout and the "me" time.

Almost the End of May and I fear I failed at meeting my May yoga challenge goal, but I think I did a good job and I am happy with the results. The days I did not do yoga I largely just did not have time. I am sure I could have snuck in a half hour here or there but overall I was not in the right mind frame. I was a bit too ambitious with my starting goal. I signed up for the "Do Yoga" 30 day yoga challenge which involves at least 10 minutes of Yoga a day- so THAT I will see if I can do!

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