Thursday, May 16, 2013

Yoga Challenge, week 2!

Yoga 5 times a week may have been an ambitious goal for myself considering my starting point. As much as I love it when I do it, it is hard to dedicate a whole hour to it so I have been doing some of the short sessions such as this morning doing a 40 minute Shoulder opening sequence from

For some reason the beginning of this week I was just so exhausted! Monday and Tuesday I planned on getting up early and doing yoga before work but it just would not happen. I gave platelets again on Monday so I got home late and pretty much went to bed.

I have a Livingsocial deal for this place called Kiki’s pilates in Beverly so I have been doing some classes there such as the barre class and the dyamic core class on Tuesday.

I have also been taking it easy on the yoga (and everything) this week because my joints have been killing me!  I was supposed to have a doctors appointment tomorrow, but it was canceled, but I have a running list of complaints going that I want to get checked out.

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