Monday, April 25, 2011

Reasons to pack your lunch

Still buying your lunch at work, or going out most days of the week? Here are a few of my favorite reasons to start bagging it :)

Reasons to bring your own meals & snacks:
·      Economical:
o   Spending $10+ a day on lunch/ coffee and snacks adds up fast!
o   You get much more value shopping at a grocery store and prepping food yourself than you do purchasing convenience items.

·      Saves time and hassle:
o   Yes, packing a lunch can take some time, but will save you the time of having to go and purchase your lunch during your work day.
o   You can eat it anywhere! Save the time and hassle of going somewhere to eat.

·      More nutritious:
o   Frequently “forget” to eat because you are so busy? Regular meals and snacks help improve your metabolism and help maintain your weight.
o   Planning and packing lunch more likely to get well rounded meals.
o   If you wait until you are hungry, more likely to give into temptation.
o   Food companies and restaurants often load their food with salt and unhealthy fats to improve taste.  Bringing your own food allows you to control ingredients.


·      Eco-friendly
o   All of the packaging associated with buying food out adds up! 
(The Average Office worker uses 500 disposable cups a year1)
o   You have much more control of the sources of where your food is coming from (organic, local, sustainable sources) 

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