Monday, September 24, 2012

Apple Pickin'!

Earlier this summer Jordan and I were traveling through Ipswich to go to the “Crane Estate” ( which by the way, we never made it to…) when we drove by Russell’s Orchard which had strawberry picking at the time (which is what we wound up doing instead).  

Whilst at Russell’s we ate cider donuts, fed the goats and chickens, and purchased some fruit wine, as well as picked an obscene amount of strawberries.

So this fall, I decided I wanted to go apple picking. So we headed back to Russell’s! 

I actually do not remember the last time I went apple picking… I am sure I did it at some point as a child, but I have no recollection of it. For some reason apple picking always reminds me of an old Care Bear movie we had that involved Hugs and Tugs apple picking from a magical regenerating tree—which I am pretty sure was a play on some bible story or another. 

Anyway, Jordan was telling me how apple picking was very intense and involved lots of climbing trees to get the best apples. Turns out that may have been what he remembered from when he was younger, but we could practically reach the tops of most of the trees from the ground.

We got a fine variety including MacIntosh, Gala, Cortlands, Jungagolds, and Fiji's

The picking was a lot easier than Jordan made it sound like it was going to be, half of the apples were already on the ground- and in pretty good shape!

 In the end, we may have gone a bit overboard... we left with 32 pounds of apples! 

Expect apple recipes in the near future!

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