Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lunch Packing Part 2: Tips & Supplies

My Last Post was on Why to Pack you lunch (snacks / meals), so now here are some more tips on the How- tos

  •  Small steps add up! Packing a meal once a week or packing one snack a day can also make a difference. 
  • If you have a desk/ locker etc at work- keep a few healthy items there, this will make it even easier!
    • Canned or dried soup
    • granola bars

    • nuts
    • trail mix
    • dried fruit
    • cereal
    • oatmeal

  •  Get in the habit:  Pack your lunch and snacks the night before,  saves you the hassle of doing it in the morning
  • Freeze left overs in individual portions:  easy to grab and go at a moments notice
  • Prep ahead: Don’t have time to pack a lunch every night? Prep part or all of your meal over the weekend.  Check on my post on Healthy Eating for the Busy Person 
    •  Portioning veggies and dip into baggies
    •  Cut up fruit and make a fruit salad for easy picking
    • Prep sandwiches (you can keep bread on the side to keep it from getting soggy)
Considerations about bringing your meals: 
  • Food Safety 
    • If you bring anything perishable be sure to have an insulated bag and cold pack. Or refrigerate if possible.  
  • Ease of carrying: 
    • Especially if you are on the run, having a bag that is easy to carry is key! Try one with shoulder straps, or small bags that fit into other bags you already carry.  
  • Leak Proof: 
    • Invest in good Tupperware. A spilled or leaking lunch can ruin all of your food, or get on your clothes.  
    • Some recommendations: Rubbermaid, Lock &; Lock, Pyrex storage 

What You’ll Need:
·      A lunch box/ bag
·      Good leak-proof Tupperware in various sizes
o   Small containers are great for bringing dips and dressings on the side
·      Plastic or Re-useable baggies
o   Try Snack Taxis or Lunchskins

This is my adorable gnome snack taxi!

·      Re-useable water bottle
·      Travel Beverage Mug
I love my BPA free Aladdin cup- it never leaks! 

·      Cold Packs
o   Recommend having two to freeze one everyday 

Frozen water bottles, or frozen yogurt can also be used in an insulated bag   

A Few Lunch Box Recommendations:

Trusted name brand with great insulation.
Many different sizes and styles

·      BuiltNY  ( 
This company offers a variety of classy totes, laptop cases, lunch boxes, water bottle and wine bottle carriers.
Their bags are soft neoprene material and insulated.
Have accessories such as shoulder straps

Take on the Japanese style Bento Box
Can be carried alone or in another bag 

See my love of Bentos Here as well 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Reasons to pack your lunch

Still buying your lunch at work, or going out most days of the week? Here are a few of my favorite reasons to start bagging it :)

Reasons to bring your own meals & snacks:
·      Economical:
o   Spending $10+ a day on lunch/ coffee and snacks adds up fast!
o   You get much more value shopping at a grocery store and prepping food yourself than you do purchasing convenience items.

·      Saves time and hassle:
o   Yes, packing a lunch can take some time, but will save you the time of having to go and purchase your lunch during your work day.
o   You can eat it anywhere! Save the time and hassle of going somewhere to eat.

·      More nutritious:
o   Frequently “forget” to eat because you are so busy? Regular meals and snacks help improve your metabolism and help maintain your weight.
o   Planning and packing lunch more likely to get well rounded meals.
o   If you wait until you are hungry, more likely to give into temptation.
o   Food companies and restaurants often load their food with salt and unhealthy fats to improve taste.  Bringing your own food allows you to control ingredients.


·      Eco-friendly
o   All of the packaging associated with buying food out adds up! 
(The Average Office worker uses 500 disposable cups a year1)
o   You have much more control of the sources of where your food is coming from (organic, local, sustainable sources) 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Broiled Grapefruit

For the past weeks Supper Club we had breakfast for dinner! It was full of eggs, sausage, pancakes and coffeecake. Thus- I was recruited to make something healthy-ish.

I tried a new recipe I heard of for broiled grapefruit. At first it sounded very odd, as I had only ever had grapefruit raw- either cut in half and eaten with a spoon or peeled and eaten like an orange. But I heard rave reviews and decided to try it. The results were excellent! Super sweet and juicy.

Served with yogurt topping.

Grapefruit Recipe:

  1.  Set oven to broil
  2. Slice Grapefruit in half, or quarters. Place on Baking sheet. 
  3. Sprinkle with Cinnamon  
  4. Pop in oven: broil ~7-10 minutes, until they looks slightly puffy and the skin is peeling away from fruit a tad. 

Yogurt Dip/ Topping:

  1. Mix ~ 1/4 cup nonfat plain yogurt (Greek or European) with a bit of fresh or ground and a tsp of honey or agave nectar. 
  2. Serve on top of cooked grapefruit