Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baked Tofu Tutorial

As a vegetarian, I have eaten far too many peanut butter sandwich. I do love peanut butter sandwich, do not get me wrong, but sometimes you need some variety. They do of course sell those vegetarian deli meats,… but those kind of freak me out, and further more, are expensive.

So I started baking tofu for sandwiches.

To do this:

Get 1 block of tofu (I prefer extra firm) and drain package. Cut tofu into thin slices. I cut the slices the long way, you could also cut them on the short side.

Next coat you tofu slices with a marinade. If you want to get your tofu to absorb more flavor try removing some more of the water from it by patting/ squishing it with a clean towel or paper towel before marinating. I usually do either low sodium soy or teriyaki sauce, or barbeque sauce, you could also do a premade marinade, hot sauce, or any variation of sauces and herbs and spices that you enjoy. I usually marinade my tofu over night. You can do it for a shorter or longer period of time.

In this particular instances Ken’s Sesame Ginger No Sodium Marinade was on sale- so I gave it a go.

Next, place your tofu on a lightly greased baking sheet, and put in the oven at about 350*.

The length of time you cook for will depend on how thick you cut your slices and how chewy you want your tofu. I usually do about 25 minutes per a side (you’ll have to flip tofu half way through), for about a total of 50 minutes in the oven. Keep an eye on it though, once it burns it pretty inedible.

You tofu will now be ready for sandwich making!

I recommend it with some spinach and other veggies, and of course, a condiment, my preference is bbq sauce, but I am a condiment junkie.


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