Saturday, March 28, 2009

Climb Away!

This week I started taking a rock climbing class! We started off with some basic knot tying, and learned the belay commands. Then I actually got to try climbing!

It definitely takes some getting used to actually ‘trust’ the rope and that you aren’t going to fall and go squish. I’m generally not really afraid of heights, but it was unnerving when I looked down and realized I was two stories up.

The class I am in is small – only three people including me, the other two have already done some rock climbing so I’m feeling a little behind all ready.- but that just means I’ll have to practice more! I really have to get used to the fact that I can use my legs, I kept trying to pull myself up with my arms- and I am not very strong! I think my foot surgery was a bit of a downside, since it was hard to put all of my weight on my right toe.

I won’t get belay certified for another few weeks, but I can go bouldering- which is basically just climbing to a lower height without any ropes or anything. I can’t wait to actually get good enough to go on a real rock! But that probably won’t be for a while… I have heard there is some great bouldering in Quincy so maybe if I stay around for the summer I can go check that out.

Anyone let me know if they want to come play with me!

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