Saturday, March 28, 2009

Something Old, Something New

Today started off with studying for my counseling Midterm (monday) over a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of Rooibos tea with soymilk and splenda.

The oats contained:
- 1/2 cup dry oats
- 1 small banana
- 1 tb almond butter
- ~ 10 craisins
- ~ 10 raisins
- 10 butter scotch chips
- a lot of water

I have this problem where I do not drink enough water- so to counter act that I water down all of my food (that is able to be watered down...) to attempt to get more water into my day- which is why my bowl of oats looks kind of murky and excessive.

And here is a lovely plant on my kitchen table. My roommate brought it home, a woman at her work gave her a random tree branch and told her it would bloom in water, and alas, it has bloomed! It might have better been displayed if we actually had a vase and not a tiki cup but nice to have some plant life around nonetheless.

I then met up with a friend for a study date.

When I got home at 5 I was STARVING! I'm the type that generally eats every 2 hours, so to go from 9 am to 5 with out eating was quite a feat!
So I snacked on some mixed fruit (Same as the last few days, with plain nonfat yogurt, and some TJ's fiber cereal.

I was meeting up with some friends so I was trying to not eat a full meal... but a sweet craving took hold and I might of had a small bowl of Special K cereal with some chocolate syrup and chocolate and butterscotch chips again :/
This is why I should not be allowed to have cold cereal in the house!

My friends Ariane and Jake came to visit me. Ariane I went to school with from kindergarten to 12th grade, Jake through high school, so its nice to still get to hang out with them. Of course as soon as they got here they informed me they were starving- so we went out for pizza.
We went to T- Anthony's and got some french fries and a pizza- 1/2 cheese, 1/2 mushroom, and we annihilated it all :) Sometimes you just got to splurge.

Ari and Jake decide to show how not to behave in a restaurant:

Over dinner we contemplated what we should do next. Ariane threw out the idea we should get tattoos!
So we did.
It wasn't totally impulsive, we have been saying we were going to get them since the summer, but we always decided this at the most inopportune times, so this time we just went with it. The idea had originated from birds, and got narrowed down to feathers- since we have both been crazy bird people for quite some time, and as from the notebook, "if I'm a bird your a bird" and of course, "birds of a feather..." etc. and so on.
Here was my nervous face before getting started:

During the tattooing process I almost passed out so I had to take a break, drink some water (I drank like 4 cups, so apparently I didn't even need to water down my oatmeal this morning!) and have a glucose tab and a butterscotch candy. I was busy not passing out so i didn't photograph those haha.
Excuse my muffin top. I really need to lay off the pizza.
And so today was filled with old friends, and new ink :) and more reason why I should really hit the gym tomorrow....
and ended the night with a couple cups of chamomile tea;
off to study some more! I know- a rousing end to a saturday night :)

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