Monday, November 23, 2009

Breakfast for Dinner

Generally for I try to start off my day on a healthy note, with fruit and nonfat yogurt, or with some oatmeal with nutbutters or my favorite, pumpkin.

That being said, I do love classic breakfast foods: pancakes, french toast, eggs, omelets, toast, homefries. All delicious. Furthermore, being born and raised in good old Worcester, MA, I have spent absurd amounts of time, especially at odd hours of the night at a variety of diners.

If I have learned nothing else in life from my hometown, I have learned, there is no bad time for breakfast! And today was a day I felt the need to utilize that life lesson.

After work I cooked up some home fried potatoes with a bit of paprika, ground black pepper and a garlic and onion seasoning. I also made 2 eggs over easy, sprinkled with a little bit of cheddar cheese, and a slice of whole wheat toast with some margarine.

I recently purchased some Frank's Buffalo Sauce, so I used that on my potatoes and eggs along with a nice serving of ketchup.

I give the RedHot wings sauce an A+ review. Very tasty, a nice kick but not so spicy that you cannot enjoy the taste.

now don't forget the most important meal of the day, no matter what time you eat it :)


  1. love breakfast!
    and franks hot sauce always reminds me of warren cafeteria-used to put that on EVERYTHING!
    oh and i forgot to tell you, i love the new blog layout! i need to redo mine soo bad!

  2. I know, the dining hall made me a total hot sauce addict! The food was always rather bland so hot sauce became my solution to pretty much everything.

    And thank you :)
    needed a change.