Monday, November 30, 2009

Chickity China the Chinese Chicken

I packed my lunch for today, last night as usual. I generally am much healthier when I come with prepared food, because if I wait and allow myself to chose food at the time I am hungry, it rarely ends with a very nutritious outcome.

I had packed myself some Trader Joe's nonfat plain yogurt mixed with defrosted frozen pineapple and cherries from Trader Joes. It was a very tasty combination. I think those are my two favorite fruits. I ate that for breakfast before my first lab.

For lunch I brought my norm: salad.

This salad was looking pretty spectacular too. It included:

1 small head romaine lettuce
hot banana peppers
frozen carrots
water chestnuts
sunflower seeds
honey roasted sesame sticks

Though this sounded very good... it did not seem like it would be completely satisfying. I had left BU between labs to go to a doctors appointment and was tempted by the Chinese Lunch Specials at the Beijing Cafe. ... Say what you will, but I find their food to be very good, and their service is quick, though not always very friendly. They have recieved some bad reviews in regards to the cleanliness,... but... I still go there for better or for worse.

I decided on the General Gua's Chicken Lunch special (basically generals chicken and steamed white rice.) This was the first time I purchased meat all by myself. The last piece of meat I actually ate before becoming a vegetarian had been general's chicken, so it seemed fitting. I had actually been a vegetarian for about 2 months, but kept having the most absurd cravings for Chinese chicken, so I got an order, and then resumed my vegetarianism.

Beijing Cafe has really good, and interestingly textured vegetarian general gua's chicken, which I highly recommend, unfortunately they do not offer this on the lunch specials. They do have general gua's tofu, which is pretty good, but not quite as satisfyingly crunchy.

The lunch special was a little boring looking and lacking in the veggie department, so I decided to compromise and combine the best of both worlds by mixing my Chinese take out with my salad.

I also used a little duck sauce as a "salad dressing"

and of course, no Asian meal would be complete without a fortune cookie!

I think I have gotten this fortune like 50 times throughout my life. I hate to disappoint you little fortune cookie, but I still have never gone further west than Pennsylvanian!

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  1. i adore fortunes in fortune cookies!! let's go jaime! i'm wander-lusting!