Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How do you have time to blog??

I am chronically complaining that I have no time. Clearly the truth is I have 24 hours in a day just like everyone else, I just need to learn to manipulate my schedule a lil better.

My current Schedule includes:

* Massachusetts General Hospital ~ 20 hours/ week
* Boston University Teaching Assistant ~ 20 hours/ week
* St. Elizabeth's Per Diem ~20-40 hours/ week
* Caritas Carney Hospital 5 hrs/ week (plus annoyingly long commute)

* Class Not as much time as I should be spending on it!

I have also learned that all work and no play really does make Johnny (erm, Jamie) a dull girl. During my undergrad I started off as Pre-med... lets just say "pre-med weed out classes" have their purpose, and I was definitely weeded out. Consequently my GPA was pretty abysmal Freshman year, and every year after that was basically struggling to bring it up. I unfortunately focused so much on school work and not enough on the rest of life.

I am back to trying to create a balance between school, work, playtime, me time, and the ever-important sleep that I frequently neglect.

Usually when I get busy things get eliminated in this order:
1. Working out
2. Sleep
3. Going Out
4. Showering
5. work/school work
6. Eating....
I somehow always make time for eating, whenever I am really busy or struggling financially my parents always ask if I am eating ok, I inform them that is one of my top priorities and it tends not to get cut out... I can do without a lot but we all have out little luxuries. I may not cook persay, but I'll take the time to eat something.

I've also come to realize- I can't do work ALL the time, no matter how I try. I always feel guilty if I am not at least attempting to do something productive. At any given time I can usually be found with something I need to do (for instance, last Friday I went out with my Labs quizzes to grade in case I had time on the train... )

But really - somethings require more mental energy than is available in a short period of time such as on your commute or when I want to multitask at work during my lunch break...

I have started taking the Metro when I go on the T, because that tiny bit of news may be just as valuable as that one paper I wind up half-heartedly grading, and when I have a spare 5 minutes at work, or before bed, I write blogs rather than logging onto Blackboard and trying to work on a homework assignment that I really need to just sit down and do when I have an hour to dedicate to it.

Life is all about balance. And I am working to reprioritize and reorganize myself. So, despite my "lack of time", I hope to continue to take a little bit of time out of my day for myself, such as through blogging, and making time for friends and family <3

Here's my current lil "family", Dan, Sookie and myself


  1. i think i'm busy and then i remember how crazy your schedule is girl!!!!
    dont forget to set a little time aside for yourself!!!!!!!!! please!
    i 'waste' way to much time on the internet. its a problem.
    hope to see you again soon-if you have time ;)

  2. it is always amazing to me that you are capable of doing so many things. but balance, and taking some time out of every day for yourself are definitely important!
    happy T day and enjoy the time with your family and friends!