Saturday, November 28, 2009

Satisfying a Sweet Craving

"I have had an absurd craving for maple syrup for a good week now," I confessed.
"Why don't you put it in oatmeal?" Jessica suggested,

... and this is one of the many reasons why I love her: for her brilliant ideas.

I refused to buy or make pancakes or waffles, because they are just one of those foods that I cannot eat in moderation no matter how hard I try. Furthermore, my binge eating has been particularily bad lately. I blame it partially on the change of season and over all depression setting in.

I generally love oatmeal, but lately I haven't had it. I have been on a fruit and yogurt kick for breakfast for quite a while now.

This was partially because during the summer I wanted something cold. Also, now that I have been working pretty much every day its easiest for me to bring something I can pack up and bring along with me. I have had some bad experiences trying to travel with oatmeal, plus it requires heating it up.

I do keep oatmeal in my locker at work though, for a convenient. healthy meal when I do not have time or motivation to bring something with me.

So today, I decided to finally conquer my syrup craving! I cooked up a bowl of oats, then added in pancake syrup and cinnamon.

Success! I got a nice serving of warm, wholesome whole grains in, and I kicked my craving, finally, without even having to bust out the pancakes which I would have inevitably regretted.

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