Saturday, November 21, 2009

An Ominvores Adventures

As my three readers probably know,

I have decided to leap (er, baby step) back into omnivorism after my 7 or so years of vegetarianism.

The reason: basically I realize I am often an unhealthy vegetarian. Especially when I am at home, and at the end of December, I am moving back to Worcester. Most of my Worcester friends are the complete opposite of my Boston friends in that they are horribly unhealthy and could care less about nutrition, health, animal rights and environmentalism: all of my main reasons for being a vegetarian. They love chain restaurants: TGI Fridays, Unos, Friendly's etc. Unfortunately, I often wind up with the option of grilled cheese with french fries, or a horribly bland side salad. I know there are ways to tweak orders, which I do a lot, but half the times they wind up coming out messed up, and I hate paying the majority of the check for the meat I didn't get.

So, I realize, I would probably be healthier if I just had the salad with grilled chicken instead.

Furthermore, I love food. I do not per say want to limit myself.

One of the main reasons I became a vegetarian was because of animal rights, which for some reason or another lately just has not been getting my goat as much as usual. I do not know why. I will probably have a revelation in a couple of months and feel absolutely appalled about the fact that I have regressed back to eating animals, but until then, I'm giving them a second try.

So far I have been taking my adventure back into the world of meat eating slowly.
I started off eating approximately an ounce of chicken on a salad that I split with my sister. I have since eaten at "Wings over Somerville" with some of my guy friends, which again I split a meal.

This past week, J and I tried out Temple on Mass Ave in cambridge.

I mentioned that I thought the appetizer called "Figs in a Blanket" (Buttermilk Blue Cheese Stuffed Black Figs, Wrapped in Bacon, Balsamic Syrup, Creamy Cider Blue Sauce) had an adorable name. He decided to order them despite the fact that I said I would not be joining in that.

I decided to try half of one anyway. I will say, most of it was quite good, the blue cheese, fig and balsamic vinegar was very delectable. however, EWWWW BACON!! Despite being at a relatively fancy restaruant, I had spit it out. It was pure fat in my mouth. If you like bacon, this would be a great appetizer to try.

Other than the bacon experience, Temple had a very nice decor, our waiter was very friendly and J got a burger that he said was delicious, and they had very good french fries which I sampled.
I got the Frisse and Pear Salad: Honey-Walnut Vinaigrette, Truffled Mascarpone Crostini, it was Ok. They do offer sparkling or still water, and serve it with a lime which was pretty fancy and quite tasty. The prices were pretty high, which is partially why I just went with a salad- not that I do not generally love salads, but the options looked pretty good.

We didn't try any drinks, save the sparkling water, so I can't comment on that, but overall, not a bad place.

I shall keep you all posted on any more exciting meat eating adventures, and for now I shall steer clear of bacon!

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  1. i'm so glad your experimenting and seeing what's really good for YOU. its easy, but not so great, to just get sucked into a lifestyle and continue to do it, just because its norm. its important to be able to check in with your body and make sure that this is the right way.
    and i've been by temple many times, and it looks so nice!
    look forward to more cocktails with you soon and please tell me you will be in boston often next semester!!!