Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yuck, Peas!

Today in my salad I decided to add some peas. I hadn't had peas in quite a while, and my, oh, my were they tasty!

Growing up, my older sister, Tara, HATED peas vehemently. She actually hated most vegetables, and still doesn't eat very many other when I am there to force her.

Being the younger sister, however, I wanted to be just like my older sister, so I used to complain how much I hated peas too, despite the fact that I actually liked them.

Its a good thing I finally decided to stop trying to be like my older sister, or I certainly would not have wound up in the field I am currently in and Loving!

Plus she's kind of a weirdo anyway...

Here she is trying to be a lobster, using bread sticks in a fancy restaurant:

We Doherty Girls, We keep it classy.

So what are you waiting for, go out and try out some long-lost-love of a vegetable!


  1. awhhh you two are soo cute!
    love me some peas. especially frozen straight outta the bag. Many a late night study fueled by that :)